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ALESSI - Our History

Alessi is one of those companies which embodies a typical phenomenon of Italian industrial culture, namely that of “Italian Design Factories”.

Since time immemorial, my family has been firmly estabilished on Lake Orta. In this poor, narrow valley in the Italian Alps, close to Switzerland, a long-standing tradition in wood and metal handicraft has survived up to this day.

Within the Alessi company, design in the current sense of the term began to gain a foothold under my father Carlo, who drew on his training as an industrial designer in order to develop virtually all of the products which appeared in our catalogues between 1935 and 1945.

In the 1950s, my father replaced my grandfather as corporate general manager, giving up altogether his activity as a designer and increasingly relying on the contributions of freelance designers, in accordance with a practice which was to become typical of all "Italian Design Factories".

To this day, Alessi products are still considered as being handicraft items made with the aid of machines: by this I mean that, even though we rely on contemporary, industrial technology and processing equipment, at depth our practice - the one I believe we ought to stick to, our inherent attitude is still rooted in a handicraft culture.

When speaking about the "Italian Design factories" I am referring to a historical group of companies for whom design is-f I may use a somewhat exaggerated term - a Mission, an activity which has gradually broken away from its original meaning as a simple formal project for an object and has become a sort of "overall philosophy", a "Weltanschauung", underlying all of these companies' operational steps: we believe that our true nature comes closer to a "Research Lab in the Applied Arts" than to an industry in the traditional sense of the term.

Research Lab in the Applied Arts, the role of which is to mediate continually between the most advanced and stimulating expressions of international creative culture on the one hand, and the public's requirements and dreams on the other. A lab that should be as open and dedicated to the world of Creation as possible.

The right type of contribution that an industry such as Alessi can make to the civilised development of the consumer society is to be an artistic mediator, attempting to create new objects, introducing a touch of transcendency, helping us decipher our own modernity. Alberto Alessi

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ALESSI V Tray, Black
ALESSI V Tray, Black
List Price: $164.95
Artloft's Price: $137.95
You save $27.00!

ALESSI V Tray, Black

Designer: Adam Shirley of Cranbrook Academy of Art

V tray was designed by Adam Shirley. It's obtained by folding a rectangular sheet that alternate upwards and downwards at angles of 90°, 5 times. V tray is extremely versatile: it is possible to use it on both sides, offering different storage spaces, as well as the small containers from which it is equipped with, allow it to be used as a fruit holder, centrepiece, set for aperitifs… or large multi-container for the work table.

Multipurpose tray in steel coloured with epoxy resin, Super Black. Containers in thermoplastic resin.
Height (inches): 1¾″
Length (inches): 18″
Width (inches): 9¼″
ALESSI Gori Figure Jungle Gorilla Orange
ALESSI Gori Figure, Jungle Gorilla Orange
List Price: $49.95
Artloft's Price: $42.00
You save $7.95!

ALESSI Gori Figure, Jungle Gorilla Orange

Figure in steel colored with epoxy resin, orange. The monkey “Gorì” is part of the object family designed by Anna Gili “Jungle” for the collection “Figure”. This series of object, made in laser-cut folded stainless steel, continues the comparison with the intriguing world of the decorative object for the home.

3.5 x 3.5 inches x 3.25 inches h
ALESSI Pinch Vase Black
ALESSI Pinch Vase, Black
List Price: $194.95
Artloft's Price: $162.95
You save $32.00!

ALESSI Pinch Vase Flower vase in black.
Height (inches): 9 Length (inches): 5 Width (inches): 3

Pinch vase was designed by Adam Shirley. It came from the idea of transforming an industrial item into a useful object through simple actions. The designer used a square-sectioned tube, first cut, then closed at one end with a welded base then flattened at the other end, to obtain a narrow, wide mouth. The bottom is shaped with four semi-spherical depressions that ensure good stability when resting. The particular shape of the vase - narrow and long - allows elegant flower arrangements, but can also be used for only one flower with the stem kept in the center.

Limited! - Only 1 Left!
ALESSI Colombina Collection Small Saucer
ALESSI Colombina Collection Small Saucer, Black
List Price: $16.95
Artloft's Price: $14.95
You save $2.00!

ALESSI Colombina Collection Small Saucer in melamine, black or red.

Small saucer in melamine. At first sight the “Colombina Collection” looks like a beautiful design with a sculptural approach: plates, containers, and cups that are elegant, new and pleasing, and all excitingly created in new materials and different colours. But on closer inspection, this design reveals an awareness of the rituals of the table that is very open to the evolution of contemporary living, with its playful aspect and its amenability to rearranging the composition of the pieces on the table, as well as its philosophy of change in general. Each object contains another, and each piece can stand freely beside the others, like a welcoming stack of petals.
ALESSI Vime Centerpiece In Rattan
ALESSI Vime Centerpiece In Rattan
List Price: $323.95
Artloft's Price: $270.00
You save $53.95!

“Vime”, designed by the Campana brothers, is a centerpiece in rattan whose name indicates the finest quality of this fiber. A single structure of woven fibers forms a base that rises up in the center in a sort of stem. At the top of this stem is a hole into which a fresh or dried branch can be inserted, adding a personal touch to the finished effect. Each piece is entirely hand-made with great skill and care. The natural materials and hand manufacturing mean that each piece is unique and different.

Centerpiece in rattan.

Diameter (inches): 20½″
Height (inches): 9″
ALESSI Rigatone Spaghetti Canister, Ice
ALESSI Rigatone Spaghetti Canister, Ice
List Price: $47.95
Artloft's Price: $40.00
You save $7.95!

ALESSI Rigatone Spaghetti Canister in thermoplastic resin, Ice.
ALESSI Topolone Figurine LIMITED
ALESSI Topolone Figurine - LIMITED!
List Price: $23.95
Artloft's Price: $20.00
You save $3.95!

ALESSI Collectible figurine in porcelain. Hand decorated. 2.25 x 1.25 inches 2.75 inches h
Design Marcello Jori, LPWK

Only 1 Left!
ALESSI Pinocchino Figurine Limited
ALESSI Pinocchino - LIMITED!
List Price: $43.95
Artloft's Price: $37.00
You save $6.95!

ALESSI Pinocchino figurine in porcelain. Hand decorated.

LIMITED! 5 Left!
List Price: $59.95
Artloft's Price: $50.00
You save $9.95!

ALESSI Collectible figurine in porcelain. Hand decorated. 3.5 x 2.75 inches 4 inches h Design Marcello Jori, LPWK

ALESSI Alessibambino Glass LIMITED
ALESSI Alessibambino Glass - LIMITED!
List Price: $23.95
Artloft's Price: $20.00
You save $3.95!

ALESSI Alessibambino Glass - LIMITED!
Glass in thermoplastic resin. Kid friendly or great for outdoor entertaining. 3 inches dia 3 inches h Design Massimo Giacon, Lorenza Bozzoli