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Sid Dickens Memory Blocks are hand-crafted, collectible pieces of art. They provide a contemporary style of decorating—affordable, movable, desirable—with the timeless quality of enduring beauty. Memory Blocks are hand crafted plaster, 6" x 8" x approx. 1 1/4" thick, finished to a porcelain-like quality, cracked to create an aged look and feel. Sid Dickens' work is produced by a group of 30 young emerging artists in a studio space in Vancouver, Canada. Each Memory Block is hand poured hydrostone plaster, all tiles are hand painted (the Iron Series requires 3 coats), silver and gold leafing is done by hand, and finally the Memory Blocks are hand stained. We consider each Memory Block a piece of art, there are over 5 people that do work on each one of them. There are many copies on the market, which have the look of being mass produced, as most of them are. The hours of work that go into creating each Memory Block make them each an individual collectible treasure.

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Limited Edition - Midnight Collection

"Nocturne: A piece of music evoking the night; often very expressive, somber, and lyrical."

In the stillness of evening, one is more apt to reflect on and express deep emotions. Sometimes the truth comes out in beautiful ways, as in this collection of elegant new images for autumn.

This soft, subdued collection marks a slight departure from Sid's light and cheerful work of late, as he revisits a style more similar to his early gothic/medieval-influenced work. This is the first collection in years (with the exception of the limited edition 20th Anniversary Collection) to feature the original stain colour used in early Memory Blocks, providing a stronger, more historic look. Sid was inspired to combine this rough, rusted medieval finish with a pretty pastel colour palette of the "mod" 1960's era, a whimsical combination which strikes a truly romantic chord.

Three animals stir in the shadows of this collection. Dolphins have been known as friends and protectors of humans since the earliest Greek and Roman myths; this image in particular was found in ancient Pompeii. The phoenix and the owl are powerful symbols of strength, renewal, and clarity of vision; important qualities to bring on a journey through a dark night of the soul. A medieval rose of heraldry adorning the Shadowplay, Chivalry, and Rosarium blocks can be identified by its five petals.

The mood of this collection echoes back to a mysterious place in time, a full symphony of feelings waiting to be illuminated, in the moonlight of your imagination.

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This winter, Sid Dickens is proud to introduce this limited-edition Holiday Collection to warm your home with traditional charm.

The entire collection is gilded with a new gold-trimmed edge. In the Christmas Morning block, the classic image of a jolly St. Nicholas evokes the sound of laughter and good will to be celebrated all year around. Guidance and Sweet Prayer are tender portraits exemplifying the simple, loving spirit of the season present in a child's heart. The Menorah block honours the everlasting light of this same loving spirit which shines within us, as all the world is united in peace at this time of year.

This warm collection will lend a distinct holiday feel to your home this season as you celebrate with family and friends. Each block is like a postcard from the past, holding memories of this year to be enjoyed for many holidays to come.

20th Anniversary Collection

20 years ago, from the dusty floors of a small studio in East Vancouver, Sid Dickens first brought to life his unique vision in the form of a 6" x 8" block of plaster. Today, in sincere thanks for your years of support, we proudly present this re-imagining of some of Sid's classic early works, selected by the artist himself. This is a tribute to you; dear friends and dreamers.

This special limited-edition collection is an homage to some of Sid's most popular Memory Blocks, spanning in inspiration from his 1995 to 2001 collections. Each of these pieces have been reworked to reflect a more modern twist on enduring themes such as Home and Eternity. Prince and Princess are now available in either a bold black & gold, or a soft pastel & silver finish, to suit the special prince or princess in your life. The Coloured Pinnacles block receives a fresh, retro-inspired pop of colour.

As the beauty of the natural world is never-ending, Sid finds new inspiration with each changing season, and delights in sharing it with you as you continue to build your personal collection. Rediscover the magic contained within these treasured keepsakes as together we discover what wonders the next 20 years have in store!

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